Mold Tips for Homeowners

Mold Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners make up a lot of Mold Finders' clientele.

Everything from Mold Remediation/Prevention, and just about any service Mold Finders offers have been used by many Michiana area homeowners.

If allergies bother you year round or your family is usually sick, try one of Mold Finders' Mold Removers throughout your home. These invisible non-toxic coatings allow you to have the cleanest house in town! And they last annually, not daily.

Pet stains and odors can force you to replace 
your carpeting. But are you aware that those stains and odors penetrate the wood beneath? Before you install the new carpeting, call us to have the underlying wood treated to eliminate the 
odor completely.

No matter what environmental disaster you incur or no matter what level of protection you request, Mold Finders can help.