Mold Tips for Builders

Mold Tips for Builders

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Tom Kenney with the National Association of Home Builders' research center, said builders already know that some of their houses have problems with moisture.

"We've found that 28 percent of the builders reported that they had mold in at least one house under construction in the past year," Mr. Kenney said. "Eighteen percent have reported at least one occupied house with a mold problem."

Home-builder worries about liabilities resulting from mold infestation have reached a crisis level after a series of highly publicized court awards. Homeowners in Texas, California and Florida have won as much as $32.1 million in damages after their homes were invaded by toxic molds.

If you are a builder, you can't ignore this!

Mold Finders is aware of the problems builders face with mold claims in the construction industry. This is why Mold Finders offers low cost mold prevention coatings to the new construction industry.

We feel this added level of protection insures not only the liabilities of the builder, but also add a significant level of quality to the homes that have been treated.

Mold Shields is a new ways for builders to add superior levels of protection and value to their homes.