Mold Treatment

Antimicrobial Treatment for Mold

Mold Finders uses products exclusively from a highly technologically advanced chemical company. The mold product formulas are proprietary and gaining notoriety throughout the service and related industries because they are significantly different from conventional mold cleaners.

Unlike traditional mold cleaning materials which can be extremely toxic and harmful to the environment, Mold Finders' product contains no heavy metals, aldehydes or phenol groups and is the only essentially non-toxic mold treatment.

It’s also significantly different from conventional mold cleaners in that it has never been shown to permit or cause mold mutation, resistance or adaptation. Unlike other mold products ours is not absorbed into the cell therefore avoiding the opportunity for mutation and adaptation by the microbe.

The technology used in Mold Finders' product actually ruptures the cell wall of the microbe as it contacts treated surfaces.

  • Benefits

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Guarantee on all services provided
  • Essentially non-toxic
  • Inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacterias.
  • Kills gram+ and gram- bacteria, fungae, yeast, viruses, and spores
  • Long lasting and more effective than traditional

Mold Finders’ mold remover has the added distinction, unlike conventional products, of being able to bond with surfaces on the molecular level which remains extremely effective over an extended period of time.

No other mold product currently on the market offers the quality of highly effective, broad spectrum protection that can last for years after one application. Treatments applied by Mold Finders also have an impressive safety record and are registered with the EPA.


Surface View

Antimicrobial Treatments Diagram

Illustration of Silane Structural Components

Antimicrobial Treatment Silane Components

View of Treated Surface

Antimicrobial Treated Surface