Mold Services

Mold Finders has a variety of packages available to meet the needs of all our customers and all treatments are applied only by Certified Mold Specialists *

Institutional and Commercial Customers

Commercial Antimicrobial Mold Service

Interior and Exterior treatment packages are available to maintain a healthy environment in schools, daycare settings, hospitals, clinics and retail facilities. Treatments can be applied to an extensive variety of frequently contacted surfaces and objects to substantially reduce the risk of exposure to harmful microbes.

Mold and Microbial Services for Home

Residential Customers

Family protection from harmful and/or damaging microbes in the home is achieved with the application of our unique and essentially non-toxic, water-based, mold treatment. Packages can be customized to fit the needs of the residential customer. (Kitchen and/or bathroom wipe-down treatments as well as basement applications.) Mold Finder’s mold treatment is available for virtually every surface in the residential setting and is also approved for use on a wide variety of textiles.

Builder/Industrial Customers

Mold and Microbial Services for Builders

Mold Finders’ unique mold shielding treatment is quickly becoming recognized within the construction industry in both pre and post construction phases.

The product can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and materials, making it very effective for mold inhibition and remediation. Treatment package options are also available to builders to treat materials used during construction and as an option for new home owners upon completion of a construction project.

Additional Services and Maintenance:

At Mold Finders we work closely with other service industries to provide qualified recommendations for pre-treatment requirements and ongoing maintenance of treated surfaces and facilities. These may include:

*All Mold Finders customers receive a limited warranty and written guarantee.